Fracking increases economic importance in Pennsylvania.  Marcellus shale is found abundant in Pennsylvania – about 60% of total landmass – and is one of the most promising natural gas resources in the United States. According the Marcellus Shale Coalition, natural gas drilling has a positive effect on families, businesses, and communities in many parts of Pennsylvania.  Currently, natural gas is a major source of fuel for transportation, power generation, and general appliances, such as heating and air conditioning.

Communities in Pennsylvania are part of a “bigger picture” focusing on the total economy to increase affordability and accessibility for fossil fuel across America, while at the same time creating the same economic boom in the “smaller picture,” which is their own local communities. The U.S. Department of Energy reports show that the Pennsylvania Marcellus could produce a quarter of America’s natural gas by 2020. Further development in Pennsylvania could support 156,000 jobs and generate $12.8 billion in economic activity; therefore, increasing employment, keeping fuel cost affordable nationwide and helping to keep fuel exports in the America.  

When it comes to debate – Fracking in Pennsylvania has boosted and can continued to boost Pennsylvania’s economy for the total economy too.