Fracking for natural gas is important to our economy; however, many people believe that the economic boost from natural gas isn’t worth the risk. Reports from varies organizations and a thorough investigation from the EPA, believes otherwise. The risk associated with fracking is not something consumers should be worried about.

The Domestic Energy and Job Act has been passed by the house. The Domestic Energy and Job Act, will not only help create jobs, the bill will also help the U.S. become more energy secure and responsible with domestic energy production.

“Greater access to domestic energy resources combined with smarter policies that boost our refining industry will benefit consumers in the long run,” said Marty Durbin, the American Petroleum Institute’s Executive Vice President. “More home grown energy is good for all Americans.”

“Our industry stands ready to create jobs and secure America’s energy future. Just look at what is happening in North Dakota, where energy production has revitalized that state’s economy. We can duplicate that success across the country, with smart energy policies.”

The bill would open up more areas for energy production, increase inefficiencies, and streamline the permitting process. New technologies in Hydraulic fracturing have already help reduce the number of wells needed to produce the same amount of oil and gas. The new Act, would not only help the continuing development of new technologies, but will help the entire process move smoothly and efficiently.

“Efforts to increase leasing of federal lands and speed up the permitting process will result in faster job growth and drive economic growth in areas that need it,” Durbin said. “The quicker we put people to work the faster our economy will recover.”

Despite the regulations associated with the bill, the bill discusses the importance of not over regulated a subject.

“We cannot have regulations that are solutions in search of a problem,” said Durbin. “Consumers should be informed about the costs certain regulations have on the price of producing gasoline and diesel.”