Pennsylvania has an abundance of Marcellus Shale, which can be fracked to extract natural gas. Energy from shale is not only an economic benefit for Pennsylvania’s oil and gas industry, but shale energy development can indirectly help aid manufacturing of new products, and directly and indirectly create thousands of new jobs.

From 1999 to 2005, the development of natural gas from shale, has provided 5.5 million jobs. Natural gas development provides jobs, and not just jobs in the oil and gas industry. America’s shale gas activity spurs jobs for drillers and geologist and for a wide range of professions, such as, software engineers and wildlife experts. The development of shale gas has also provided more opportunity for women, veterans, and recent college grads.

Natural gas development is reviving the American economy. Some people even call it, a shale gas “revolution.”

States with an abundance of shale have an opportunity to create a competitive advantage. Much of the unconventional natural gas development in states takes place on private lands. States have the most knowledge and experience with their own geology, resources, rules and regulations. The states are the primary regulators of shale gas;  however executive order from the government have been made to develop more wide spread regulation.

Rising availability of shale gas is encouraging the switch from coal to lower-costing cleaner-burning natural gas. Natural gas “an incredible national blessing” and said John Rowe, the former head of Exelon, one of the largest U.S. electricity producers. It is helping advance U.S. energy and environmental goals. Natural gas produces up to 60 percent fewer carbon dioxide emissions than coal when used for power generation.