It’s about time we hear some truth about the proposed fracking bans in Pennsylvania. Over time, enacting a fracking ban will hurt business. Most of Pennsylvania has seen nothing but strong economic growth and lower than the average unemployment rates because of the natural gas boom – Just ask the Pittsburgh City Council members. According the to NY Post, Pittsburgh Council members have come to regret the decision to enact a fracking ban about two years ago.

Pittsburgh is now reconsidering the fracking ban. Patrick Dowd, City Councilman has proposed new legislation to eliminate the current ban and replace it with new rules. Dowd proposes replacing the current ban with strict zoning regulations for gas extraction.

Allegheny County Executive Rich Fitzgerald believes the city is sending a negative signal to companies considering Pittsburgh to build headquarters. “The words ‘ban’ or ‘moratorium’ send a signal to companies that might want to build a headquarters in Downtown Pittsburgh. It sends a signal that you’re not wanted here,” Fitzgerald said.

Luke Ravenstahl, Pittsburgh Mayor said, “we don’t believe warding off an industry that is creating hundreds of thousands of jobs is prudent.”

While local Pittsburgh governments reconsider the fracking ban, Gov. Cuomo in New York continues to delay new state fracking regulations. According the the NY Post, Gov. Cuomo has delayed fracking in 135 locations including, Buffalo, Binghamton, Dryden and Ithaca. The post also indicated that the majority of residents in New York support fracking initiatives.

Pennsylvania is reaping the benefits of the energy boom, while New York waits. If Pittsburgh is reconsidering the fracking ‘ban’ or ‘moratorium,’ you start to wonder how many more cities will start to reconsider the fracking bans. Fracking is an example of progress and growth.