Fracking for Marcellus Shale in Pennsylvania, New York, Texas and other shale state, helps to decrease America’s dependency on foreign oil sources. In a Recent poll, by Public Opinion Strategies and Frederick Polls, 75% of North Carolina voters support increased access to domestic oil and natural gas resources, including energy from shale.

“Voters in North Carolina know developing more of America’s domestic energy would lead to more jobs, increased government revenues, and help put downward pressure on fuel prices,” said North Carolina Petroleum Council Executive Director Bill Weatherspoon. “North Carolina has the chance to get it right and use the most advanced hydraulic fracturing technologies to safely and responsibly develop energy from shale.”

According to the poll, North Carolina believes that oil and natural gas development would provide major benefits to the nation, including more U.S. jobs.

Public Opinion Strategies and Frederick Poll Stats:

92 percent believe oil and natural gas development could lead to more American jobs

82 percent – reduce consumer energy costs

73 percent- deliver more revenue to the government

86 percent – increase the nation’s energy security

52 percent – support hydraulic fracturing to access domestic resources and believe the process is safe

72% percent – support exploration and drilling off the coast of North Carolina to access oil and natural gas