States that develop their own energy resources tend to do a bit better economically. 7 out of 10 states surveyed saw a rise in income from 2007 – 2010 (the heart of the current recession). Intuitively, we can develop our own conclusions to what has positive and negative impact on the economy. However, the recent survey helps solidify intuition. The states/district that saw the largest household increase was the District of Columbia, Wyoming, and North Dakota.

Diving in deeper, the study looks at specific regions, Johnstown, PA saw a 5.7% increase in household income from 2007 – 2010. Other regions include Corpus Christi and Odessa, TX and Grand Junction, CO.

The development of America’s natural resources supports family business and provides an opportunity for communities that could have been hit a lot harder by the recession. Those who work in the oil and gas industry make twice as much as they would in similar field, but neighboring industries. The average natural gas industry wage is $76,910 compared to the average household income $50,398.