Although some opponents to hydraulic fracking in Pennsylvania cite environmental concerns in their argument against allowing gas companies to drill for natural gas in the commonwealth, the chemicals used are biodegradable and the technologies for drilling are much more advanced, according to industry experts.

Geologist James M. Funk and Matt Pitazarella, a spokesman for Range Resources Corporation, outlined the economic benefits and environmental protections of PA fracking during Penn-Northwest Development Corporation’s annual meeting , The Business Journal Daily reports.

With the discovery of huge reserves of natural gas across the United States, many companies have proposed fracking in Pennsylvania, New York and other states. While the United States’ production capabilities for natural gas far exceed domestic demand for the fuel, some groups remain opposed to the idea of exporting.

Reuters reports that although the Chesapeake Energy company has signed on to an export project planned for the future, its chief executive thinks the U.S. should keep its natural gas at home.

Speaking at a panel covering the use of natural gas in vehicles, Chesapeake’s head, Aubrey McClendon said he would be willing to ship gas abroad, but would prefer that Americans get first refusal to use the resource.

“I want the right to export natural gas, but I am really hopeful that we never do,” McClendon said, as quoted by Reuters. “I really hope in the next four years that we embrace natural gas for transportation so we don’t need to export it outside the country,” he added later.