The EPA study in Dimock, Pennsylvania concluded that fracking had no effect on the town’s drinking water. Cabot Oil & Gas Corp., the driller that occupies the area nearest to Dimock had suspicions that the EPA study was politically motivated.

What Administration and the EPA seem to miss, is the information regarding the new, more effective drilling techniques that have led to the more cost-efficient drilling and a safer production process. White house officials are finalizing the new rule by the end of the year. If the rule is voted and passed, states will be relieved of their fracking responsibilities. Forbes reports, this decision would leave companies with higher taxes and tight regulations that will ultimately do more harm than good.

The new regulations were originally introduced by President Obama to better protect the environment from polluted water and potential earthquakes. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar outlined a series of rules that called for tighter state regulations on everything from full chemical disclosure to well integrity. Salazar maintained that the rules are necessary for the states that are not considered up-to-par when it comes to regulating fracking on federal land. – Forbes

The new fracking legislation will hurt the fracking industry, said industry officials. The regulations will not only slow drilling efforts, but will affect production rates. Environmentalist and regulation officials don’t realize the chemicals in fracking are trademark secrets.