The cause of the contaminated water in Dimock, Pennsylvania is yet to be determined; some people believe that fracking may be the cause, while others are unsure including the EPA. The EPA decided to take action by conducting extensive tests on the local water supply.  The sampling will begin in a matter of days and will take about three weeks to gather all the samples from the Dimock residence.  The EPA expects results in about five weeks after all the samples are taken. 

In the meantime, the EPA had been reviewing data provided by three sources, the Dimock residence, the fracking company, Cabot Oil and Gas, and the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection.  After completing the review, the EPA decided to deliver temporary drinking water to the four homes where data reviewed by the EPA indicated that resident’s well water contained levels of contaminants and posed a health concern.

Up until this point, efforts to make sure the Dimock residence had clean water were made by Cabot Oil and Gas, the fracking company located outside Dimock.  Cabot reached out to the residence, provided them with clean water, water filters, and handled any other claim made.  

In addition to the EPA sampling mentioned earlier, a study directed by congress will be made by the EPA in order to understand the potential impacts of hydraulic fracturing and our drinking water sources.   The Obama Administration is dedicated to our nation’s clean energy future.  Natural gas plays a key role in clean energy, so congress is committed to ensuring that the development of Natural gas is done safely and responsibly.