Hydraulic Fracturing in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania’s Economic Opportunity from Fracking

The Marcellus Shale formation holds enough recoverable natural gas reserves to not only serve Pennsylvania’s needs, but to turn the Commonwealth into a significant exporter of energy, generating equally significant economic benefits from natural gas fracking.

According to statistics from the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry, more than 72,000 gas and oil jobs have been produced from the increase in horizontal drilling and fracking for natural gas, since 2009. Fracking in PA increases jobs for natural gas every year.

Fracking PA Facts

  • Production in Northeastern Pennsylvania recently passed 2 billion cubic feet per day, up from 0.4 billion cubic feet per day in early 2010.
  • Production in Southwestern Pennsylvania is close to 1 billion cubic feet per day, more than three times the level in early 2010.
  • The Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry released research in October that indicates more than 214,000 jobs have been created in the commonwealth by industries tied to the Marcellus Shale, NewsItem.com reports.
  • PhillyBurbs.com quotes Rayola Dougher, a senior economic adviser for American Petroleum Industry, as saying that the natural gas industry is just in the beginning stages. “For every (gas) well, there’s about 400 jobs required,” she said.
  • Lawmakers in Pennsylvania have been hotly debating the merits and drawbacks of drilling in the commonwealth, but a major point has been the economic opportunities it could bring.